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Osteopathy was founded in 1872 by Andrew Taylor Still in Kirksville, Missouri. It has been gaining popularity in the last decade, and is now seen as a top option of Manual Therapy. The aim of an Osteopathic Treatment is to address the root cause of pain or discomfort instead of treating or masking the symptoms. Osteopathy recognizes that the body is one dynamic unit of function,  the body is self-healing and self-regulating and that anatomy and physiology are interrelated. 

Osteopathy treats the entire body. For example, a patient may come in with a sore neck, but Osteopathic Manual Practitioners look at the entire body and all of its structures to find how everything is moving and functioning as a dynamic unit. This means the neck pain may be a result of an issue in the low back, pelvis, or even your big toe! One part effects all other parts.


Osteopathy is a gentle form of Manual Therapy that has the ability to improve pain, headaches, digestive issues, circulation, postural issues, etc. 

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